December 30, 2019

How I survive waiting

Waiting… What a funny thing, when you think about it. By it’s very nature, waiting indicates that we depend on something we don’t have control on, and that can be a dangerous game overall.

Nonetheless, we all have to wait for something eventually. It might be for someone to call us back on something very important, a game changer in our life. It might be waiting our turn to present in front of an audience in class or at work… But that we like it or not, having to wait is often not a choice we have to begin with, and it can lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety.

So today, I came up with a few of my tricks that help me waiting through stressful times.

Do something else

As simple as it sounds, we all know that trick but… do we really do it?

Not only doing something else might be of help, but to focus on that one other thing as well. When we’re waiting, we’re waiting. There’s nothing we can do about it, so we might as well do something worth with the time we got.

If you’re waiting for a call or text message, put your phone on a table where you’ll hear it and start cooking! If you’re waiting for your turn to present in class or in the conference room, start actually listening to that other person currently talking. Who knows, you might realize that they made a mistake or that you want to add on what is being said!


Since a very young age, people have always been telling me in a stressful situation to “take a deep breath” or to “breathe slowly”. Although the intentions were without any doubts good, it never really worked on me as I never truly understood why doing this would help… until I discovered meditation.

Meditation is more than just breathing calmly, or to close your eyes and to take a moment of silence.

It’s the process of becoming one with yourself, and to forget the outside world for a moment. First, you sit comfortably and you control your breath. You close your eyes, and then… You picture something. Perhaps the ocean after a storm, where the sun is sitting. Perhaps mountains, in the middle of the amazonian jungle. But wherever you decide to picture yourself, this is your world, of your own making. Nothing can hurt you there, and time works as you wish. Feel the air, the lights and the touch of the leaves. Explore this world you just created.

Next thing you know, you wake up from that state, and not only 30 minutes have passed, but you feel amazing! Ready to battle anything.

It’s already over

Probably my favourite of them all, trick yourself to make you think that “it’s already over”.

Einstein said it, time is an illusion. When you think about it, in 5, 10 or 15 years from now, you’re not even going to remember that day, this stressful presentation you’re waiting to be called out for. That will be long gone, and whatever happens you won’t care and remember it in the end.


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