December 27, 2019

A first post to say welcome!

Hello there, and welcome on my blog.

I’m creating this blog in hope that my work as a freelancer in music composing and as an illustrator will inspire other young folks to fallow their heart and to make a career our if it, like I’m hoping to do myself.

I currently have a full-time job as a web programmer / web accessibility analyst, but my true passion lies in the beauty of arts and orchestral music. Since I am of young age (around 10 years old?) I have been playing and composing music pieces on the piano. It later developed into full orchestral music, that I hope one day will be used in a movie, a TV-show, or a video game.

With time I also developed a passion for graphical arts and illustrations, which I currently only do as a hobby just like music composing.

Any comments on my posts are more than welcomed. And hopefully we’ll create a small family of heart followers here.


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